See it once, and you will never forget.  History in a dance, created for you.

Created from beautiful music and children's smiles, a thousand repetitions to bring a moment of rest, bright impressions and high achievements.  Created by the ballet “JOY”.

“JOY” is more than a dance show. It is a set of styles connected in one composition, delightful and modern.  It plunges into the world of good and harm, comedy and tragedy, love and loneliness, into a world where you will experience what heroes experience.

“JOY” is a special country where the sun shines on each inhabitant, and where love and respect and smiles warm the soul.  It is a holiday country.

Our achievements

Annually “JOY” takes part in many festivals, competitions and championships from which it is impossible to return without awards. Here is a partial list of our achievements, especially the significant and memorable ones.

•     Champion of Eastern Europe in modern dancing
•     Five time Champion of Russia
•     Owner of the Gold Cup of Russia for hip-hop in a nominated production
•     Winner of the All-Russia and International competitions and festivals
•     Winner of the annual regional award "Triumph" in the field of achievements for a modern choreography
•     Best Dancing Club 2004
•     Best Formation 2005
•     Winner of the V International Festival of Song and Dance of the Nations of the World “We Will Join Hands, Friends!” 2006
•     Regional Award Best Formation (Production) for modern choreography 2006-2007
•     Multiple time winner of the open choreographic festival “The Dancing City” in Voronezh
•     Multiple time winner of “Premier” in Voronezh, a choreographic competition between educational institutions
•     Recognized as Most Stylish Collective at the World Dancing Convention 2006
•     Winner of the Gold Fund in “Culture and Art”, city of Voronezh
•     Finalist at the World Championship of Dancing show in Germany 2007
•     Winner of  “Pride of Chernozem Region” 2008
•     Owner of gold, silver, bronze Chernozem Cups 2008
•     Gold and silver prize-winner of the International Festival “It is Made in Russia”
•     Owner of the Mayor’s Cup, city of Voronezh 2009
•     Owner of Chernozem’s Cup for contribution to the development of modern dance in the city of Voronezh 2009