Sometimes, maybe, we are mistaken. Yet we do not stop but go forward. We do not forget but remember. We long and rejoice. We study and think.

“JOY” has been growing for 15 years.  This growth is due to Tatyana Grachevoa, the founder and head of the collective. 15 years – it is not much time, but yet it is.  Relationships have developed from child to teenager to maturity, relationships that have been forged over time. Relationships united by an idea.

Since 1994 the number of participants has consistently increased (now nearly 200), however the purpose has not changed: children bring joy to others, and also experience joy as well.  The name of the ballet show is no accident.  It would be impossible to call our show anything else given the joy experienced by all involved.

An inseparable part of the collective is its faithful helpers - the teachers.  There are six teachers in all, and they are the reason that “JOY” takes first place in every competition.  Our young dancers as well as the parents are grateful to these teachers.

In Russian there is an expression “seize the soul”.  In English one might say “breathtaking”.   It is what the spectators experience again and again when they witness history as told in dance. And for us there is nothing better.